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Blackmart Apk: Latest Version Download for Android & iOS

Blackmart Apk: Good news for all Android smartphone users, as you might be addicted to Google Play Store to download applications onto your device. Here is another alternative application to download all your favorite apps onto your device. Yes, this application is similar to Google Play Store named as Blackmart apk which is used on tablets and smartphones which run Android Operating System. Download Blackmart Apk latest version for Android device from here.

Blackmart Apk Download:

Blackmart Alpha apk is most popular App Store available and also called as Blackmarket Alpha where you can download all the Freemium and Premium apps on a single platform. You can use this App Store without any sign in process as Google Play Store has. Many Android users use the Blackmart app store, but many of them have a question whether it is safe to use? Using Blackmart apk is not always safe, but you can use as alternative app store to download all your favorite apps on your smartphone. check and download blackmart apk latest version from here.

Blackmart Alpha Apk Features For Android:

  • You do not find any shortage of apps in Blackmart App Store.
  • Blackmart allows you to download as many apps you required.
  • This App Store is similar to AppBrain, Applanet and much more.
  • You can install it on your Android device within seconds.
  • You can download application without any sign in process.
  • Blackmart supports all the versions of Android Operating System.
  • The interface is user-friendly and versatile to use, and you can get unlimited content for free of cost.

About Blackmart App Store

App Name: – Blackmart Apk

Developed by: – Blackmart team

Size: –  3.9MB

App Version: – vo.99.2.81B (992081) latest version

Platforms: – Android KitKat and Above.

Blackmart  Apk Download for Android:

Blackmart Alpha is an alternative App Store for Android devices such as tablets and smartphones. You get doubt regarding that why should we use Blackmart as an alternative to Play Store, the main advantage of using this app store on your device is that Blackmart provides all the apps for you to download that you may or may not find in Google Play Store.

If you may not find any application on your Play Store, you will get it on the Blakmart App Store. Its latest version is (992081). This version is more versatile to use and user-friendly when compared to iOS. Blackmart Alpha has many features to attract the user to get it download on their Android device.

How to Download Blackmart Alpha Apk on your Android Device?

As you know Blackmart is an alternative App Store for Android smartphones and tablets; you cannot download directly from the Play Store on your Android device as it violates the terms and conditions of Google Play Store. But, there is a way to get it onto your Android device as you need to download Blackmart Alpha Apk manually from Android file manager.Follow these steps to download Blackmart Alpha Apk on your Android device.

  • First, open Settings and select ‘Unknown Sources’ and check the box (OFF to ON).
  • Then download Blackmart  Apk on your device using SD card or from any other external device as you need to download it to your PC first and then copy the file in SD card and then proceed.
  • To download, connect your SD card to your Android device and then copy the file or transfer the Blackmart.Apk file to your device.
  • Now, go to the destination where you have copied the apk then tap on it start the installation.
  • After successful Installation, open the Blackmart Alpha Android App Store and start using it.

By this process, you can download Blackmart Alpha App Store onto your Android device. Change the settings before you start downloading Blackmart Alpha Apk on your device. Download your favorite apps and games on your Android device and make sure you follow the steps to download and install Blackmart Apk on your Android device.

How to Use Blackmart Apk

How to Use Blackmart Apk: Blackmart can turn out to be really useful as the application provides a very unique feature. There are several applications in the Google Play Store and these applications are of various types. Some of the apps are available for free but with lot of ads while the most useful applications are usually paid ones in which the users have to pay a hefty sum in order to download or install the application. The most useful apps when available for free are usually the trail versions and the users have to pay a sum to acquire its full version. But with Blackmart this problem can really be solved.

How to Use Blackmart Apk:

Blackmart provides all the paid apps for free which is unique itself and completely different from Play Store. It is often regarded as an alternative for the most popular Google Play Store. It contains a large number of applications and to utter surprise most of the applications present in the Blackmart are free and can be used by users without paying a single cent. There are no limitations in the application and the market of this application is very intuitive and has exemplary features like custom search which make it really very useful.

Steps for Installing the Blackmart Apk:

The installation procedure is really very simple. All one need to do is to download the apk file of the application and install the app in a smart phone or in a mobile tablet with android support. The application is compatible in both android and iOS devices but the procedures are bit different. The app consists of a search tab in which user can search all the paid apps and the installation process is very simple. They just need to click on the install button and download the apps for free in their android devices. Moreover this app requires root access so that all its features would work and provide the users the requisite benefits.

How to Use Blackmart Apk For Android & iOS:

The app requires a pre requisite step. It is essential to go to “Settings Option” of your android device and select or check “unknown devices” option. After downloading the application of Blackmart the paid apps will be visualised. But one can really sort these applications as per convenience. All one need to do is to click on the interested app and download for free. One can also sort and filter the applications in order to get an idea of top paid apps. Just click on the “Menu option” and set the option to “Sort Mode”. Then the user needs to select “Sort Mode” and set it to “Rating”. Then “Sort order” option is selected and it is then set to “Descending”. Then at last “Filter option” is selected and then the “Paid option”. This ensures that the highly paid apps are visualized first. The most important feature is that the application doesn’t contain any trail or test version of applications. The full versions are available only. It is a multilingual app and due to this feature it can be used in many countries of the world.


The application can be a good alternative to Google Play Store as it provides applications for free even the paid ones. It is essential to remember that it is always advisable to pay for the paid apps until and unless there’s not something urgent or essential. But overall the application is a good one and can be useful in time of need.

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